Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas time 2010

Yay we made it to Christmas 2010! Some also very exciting news: we have moved into a new home! It is so beautiful and large:) We moved across the street from Noahs grandparents to help "keep an eye" on them. It has been great so far. Just in time for our little Capri:) Here are some of my fav photos of Christmas and our new home:

Christmas Eve at Aunt Brookies

So behind!

Ok so without posting too much stuff I am going to try and update our family blog before I get so far behind I have to delete it! Haha. So we last left off at baby:

This is a pic of my belly when we first found out. So I must have been about 5-6 wks.
And here I am at 28 weeks:) Had to take my own pic since nobody likes to take a pic of mommy:(

Next we had Cohen's 3rd Bday! He had a fan theme of course. He is getting so big:(

We also put Cohen into Preschool in Aug but had to pull him out because he just wasn't ready to be away from us yet. Maybe next fall? We got a great school pic from it though:

Next Holiday was Halloween. Can you guess what Cohen was?

My Dad turned the big 6-0 in Nov.

For Thanksgiving we had a Hall Family Reunion but didn't document well with pictures:(

Then Christmas: The famous cookie party. Santa showed up and boy was Cohen excited...well, kinda.

Which brings us to Christmas! Finally. This one needs a new post:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big news

We have big news! In case you can't make out this little bean, it's a baby:) Last Wednesday (8/11) the little bean measured at 8 weeks. I'm due March 23, 2011. We cannot wait for Cohen to have a little playmate. We would love another boy for Cohen, but Cohen keeps saying he wants a baby girl. We obviously would be happy with either. So far so good. The baby is healthy and mommy is sick which is a good sign;) More posts to come.

Our little artist

Just wanted to share with you Cohen's newfound talent. He has mastered the art of drawing faces. He drew this one day and was able to name who each person was. So I labeled them. We were laughing so hard when he drew mom laying down with her eyes closed (the one with the eyes that are scribbled out). I seriously don't know where he got that since I am the first one up and usually at work for naps. Oh how I do love to sleep though...

Camp Verde

The boys dressed up for their trek to the river and I just had to get a picture!
Underwear and video games:) Boys will be boys!

The famous bull horns:)

Camp Verde is a place that my husband grew up with. His grandpa Jack has a house there by the river. There are so many memories there for my husband and his brother. They tell their stories of hiking by the river, doing yard work on the riding lawn mower and the famous pizza joint in town: crusties. It was quite a treat to finally bring Cohen up there. He is finally old enough to enjoy the simple pleasures of the outdoors. Him and his cousin Addison has a great time riding on their little john deer in the rain and hiking down to the river, coming back covered in mud and soaking wet. At the end of the day Cohen said "I like this house". It put a smile on my face to know that he is starting his own memories of Camp Verde:)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Swimming lessons

Cohen is 2 1/2 this summer and we decided to put him back in swim lessons, since we loved them so much last year. Anthony was our top pick again this year. He is so good with Cohen. Unfortunately this year Cohen had forgotten everything and cried the whole first lesson (and second, and third...) so we only snapped a few pictures. He is getting much better now and we have decided to keep him in for another round with Anthony in private lessons. We will post more pictures soon but this is what we have so far.

Family Vacation

For one whole week our little family went to California for much needed R&R. First we headed over to Disneyland but Cohen was not really into that plus it was hot and we got so sore from all the walking and standing. We stayed at the Double Tree hotel which was really nice for the price. Then we headed on over to the La Jolla Shores hotel and stayed the rest of our vacation in our BEACH FRONT ROOM. It was totally amazing and we didn't want to leave. While in La Jolla we had our Auntie Ann and Miss Tatum visit. We also headed over to Sea World for about half a day-more than enough. Basically we just relaxed on the beach the rest of the time. We did not want to leave but I'm sure we will be back this year.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love food:)

If any of you know Noah and I, we LOVE food. We take pictures of our food and post them on facebook. I thought I'd share a summer favorite of mine. It is called the Summer Berry Salad from Paradise Bakery. It has a yummy lemon poppy seed dressing and you can get it with or without chicken. Look how pretty:

Mother's Day 2010

I'm a little behind on these posts but I have to say I had such a wonderful Mother's Day. On the Saturday before Mother's Day we had brunch with Grandma Carol, Papa Jack and Grandma Marilynn at Aunt Chiladas. It was delicious. Unfortunately we have no pictures. Sunday we took my mother out to breakfast at the Good Egg. We waited FOREVER but the kids were so good! Here is a cute picture of my mother:

Then we went to Ikea to buy me my Mother's Day present which you see here:
Then we went to the park for a friends bday party and spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxing!


We won't go into detail about how he splintered up his hands, but here is a cute little photo of his owies

Ice Skates

This year for Cohen's cousins bday party we went ice skating. At first I wasn't sure Cohen would even want to go out onto the ice. But we put skates on him anyways. As soon as he got out there, he didn't want to come out! He LOVED it. I got tired of holding him up so I had him hold onto a chair but before I realized that it was probably a bad idea for a 2 and 1/2 yr old to try to hang onto a chair while ice skating, he fell right on his face and bit his lip. He was bleeding all over but didn't want to stop skating. We have one tough ice skater!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Home made haricut

Noah and I just couldn't bear to take Cohen to get his haircut and risk the chance that they would buzz it all off. So we did it ourselves and did a pretty good job! Noah did the sides and I did the back. You have to be quick with a two year old!

My little ragamuffin before the cut
After the haircut-side view (yes he posed for us)
Back view (hair was wet)

There was a time...

There was a time Cohen loved balls more than he loves fans...I think he was trying to re-kindle that feeling he once knew.

My Grandpa

Without going into too much detail, I never knew my grandfather on my mother's side. She never knew him either. I guess one day he just up and left and was never heard from again. Until now. My aunt Paula had been looking for him for years and fortunately, her stepmother (my grandfather's second wife) was looking for them too. So this opened up a whole floodgate of new family and of course many stories and unanswered questions. Amidst all of the emails back and forth, a few pics of my Grandpa Yocius and Great Grandpa Yocius (Jocius) were sent and I wanted to share them.

My Grandpa Ted
My Great Grandpa Yocius
Pretty neat...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summa Summa Summatime!

Well since we live in AZ we are officially pretending it is summer. It was such a nice Sunday afternoon we couldn't resist the pool. We were invited over to Adam and Cortney's home for Grandma Becky's birthday lunch. We had some yummy Chipotle for lunch, played on the trampoline and then swam! We love to swim at Adam and Cortney's clubhouse pool:) So here are some photos to kick off our warm weather!

Cohen looking excited to visit his Aunt, Uncle and cousins
Fuzz ballz on the "bounce-o-line" as Cohen has named it
Ava looking cute as ever
Grandma Becky trying too keep up on a bike ride
Cohen huggin a bush...??
Rock climbing
PS: Sorry about the glass candle holder Uncle Adam and Aunt Cortney:(